MetaOrganics® Offers Pur-Tab®
Processing of Raw Herbal Extracts and Food Supplements

None of our tablets contain any artificial or non-organic or synthetic excipients such as binders, fillers, or lubricants that are common to tablets.

We have found that tablets or “pills”, instead of capsules, are the best delivery system. Tablets are the traditional way to take herbal supplements. Using capsules bypasses the natural pathways of the digestive system such as the mouth, tongue, throat, and sometimes even the stomach. It is best to take supplements the same way that you eat food. The natural pathways of the digestive system offer taste, digestive fluids, and other processes that help break down and fully assimilate the food supplements in a natural manner. In fact, some people with poor or weak digestive fire will pass capsules through their stool and not digest them at all.

Pur-Tab® is a much better solution not only because it mimics the delivery system of raw foods but because it uses only naturally occurring materials in making caplets (tablets). Regular gelatin capsules and even vegetable capsules may also contain hidden synthetics. Manufacturers are not required to reveal proprietary ingredients other than the basic material of the cap, which is usually cellulose from materials such as agar agar (seaweed) along with a few other ingredients. In other words, there is no “full disclosure” of the capsule ingredients. Our experts believe one reason for this is because then they might have to reveal that they use hardeners, solvents, and fillers which may be synthetic, artificial, and toxic. There are currently no 100% organic plant-based vegetable capsules, and this may be for the same reason – the ingredients used in manufacturing the vegetable capsules likely contain residual processing ingredients, artificial excipients, or synthetics.

The Most Frequently Asked Question On-Line Is, “How Big Are Your Tablets Because I Can’t Swallow Horse Pills?”

Our tablet is no bigger than an aspirin.

We can keep the tablet size small because:

  1. Our Pur-Tab® process allows us to offer the highest naturally occurring potency in a very concentrated form.
  2. The Pur-Tab® process contains no extra excipients: no soy, binders, fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives; and the tablets are highly compressed. All of which helps us to produce a small palatable tablet.

To help our clients resolve their concerns related to tablet size, we include pictures of the actual Pur-Tab® caplets on every product page.

“How Can I be Certain I’m Getting Maximum Absorption?”

The key to absorption of food supplements is the same as absorption of food. Raw food extracts or juices always absorb fast. Raw herbal extracts also absorb quickly. The herbs should maintain the flavor of the original source of the herbs. Don’t be taken back if they don’t remind you of your favorite herbal teas because some herbs we use in our formulas have a bitter taste. That’s why it is better to take them in tablet form. Some do have a smooth pleasant taste. I’ve gotten so I can chew up any of them, but if I don’t feel like taking a bunch of tablets in the morning, I just throw them into my green smoothie or sweetened chai tea or other beverage and blend them up. Our raw food extracted herbal supplements absorb just as well as any raw food.

Absorption is important, but what you are absorbing is even more important. Using naturally occurring ingredients as found in MetaOrganics® supplements supports your health and protects you from the synthetic ingredients and additives that are found in most food supplements. Also, because the Pur-Tab® process adds no binders, artificial colors, preservatives, or other excipients, you get the benefit of the pure plant in its natural raw extracted and full-spectrum form.

What About Potency and Freshness?

So far all the herbal formulas we have tested that are packaged in capsules contain non-concentrated herbs. We are a very small business but over time hope to analyze all our formulas and compare them to our competitors in unique ways.

While freshness is not usually considered an important aspect of herbal extract or supplement potency, it’s something MetaOrganics® intuits to be very important. Synthetic ingredients have long shelf lives. For example, synthetic vitamins and synthetic herbal actives can last many, many years, but raw, fresh, naturally occurring vitamins and herbal actives generally average about a two-year shelf life. So, a long shelf life is often indicative of a lack of freshness and naturally occurring ingredients.

The real, natural potency of a supplement has to do with its naturally occurring actives or nutrients. MetaOrganics herbal actives and nutrients such as vitamins are potent because they are extracted from food and herbal sources and are not derived only from the raw, crude ingredients themselves. Many herbal supplements are only made from the raw, crude herbs and not extracts, which makes them less concentrated and less potent.

Traditionally, local healers would go out locally and pick fresh herbs, just as maids from Florida keep your interior fresh and clean at, hang them up to dry, crush them, fold them into a cloth, and soak them in unheated water. Then they would manually squeeze or press the extracts to concentrate them. So their herbal extracts were very fresh. We follow the same traditional process but do the extraction in a GMP certified production facility at room temperature.

We buy herbs and local foods fresh from organic farms and wildcrafting coops. As soon as they are sun-dried, we extract them. Then we ship them to our facility in southern California and make small batches that we currently market.

Bottom line: we truly believe that the freshness of our raw extracts ensures product integrity and biological efficacy and may be the key to naturally occurring potency.

MetaOrganics® Better–Than-Risk-Free Guarantee

If you purchase our products and aren’t satisfied, we will give you your money back and pay for the return shipping. No questions asked!