If you or a loved one is trying to maintain a healthy heart and normal blood pressure, then you’re probably flooded with tons of ideas… many that contradict one another…

So Let Me Ask You A Question…

What if there was a natural breakthrough that allows you to support healthy blood pressure and healthy blood flow – even if heart troubles run in your family?

And Here’s Another Question…

What if this breakthrough helped prevent your heart from overworking and delivered and an overall boost of energy as you age?

What if this breakthrough helped you enjoy long walks with your spouse and let you play with your grandkids – without becoming short of breath?

And finally…

… What if this breakthrough was supported by impeccable scientific research conducted by leading researchers? So you and your family didn’t spend sleepless nights worrying about your heart?

You’re about to discover a new breakthrough that not only supports healthy blood pressure… blood flow and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels…

But also floods your cells with antioxidants and nutrients that help cells in your arteries resist and repair damage done to the cells in your arteries.

Because after 15 years of research – and over $39 million spent on clinical studies – a renowned biochemist living near Seattle, Washington, has found one of the world’s greatest antioxidants…

Hiding Deep Below
The Ocean’s Surface!

Finally… People Who Live In Fear About Their Heart Can Feel Protected!

Earlier you heard that researchers found this breakthrough safely supports healthy blood flow through arteries… and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Well, in one study, scientists took a group of patients and divided them into two groups. One group became the placebo. Researchers gave the other group a daily dose of this natural breakthrough found from deep under the ocean.

Both groups made NO changes to their lifestyle. And both groups were monitored for six weeks and then rigorously assessed by the scientists.

Result: In the placebo group there was no change. BUT when scientists assessed the group taking this natural breakthrough, they were astonished to discover changes – very surprising changes!

First, they discovered that these patients now had healthy blood flow…

Second, researchers discovered the patient’s arteries were dilating much more easily so blood could flow through them unrestricted.

Because it means their heart no longer had to overwork to pump blood through their arteries.

But There’s More. Because Scientists Conducted Another Study…

In this study, patients were given 100mg of this natural breakthrough as part of a tasty snack every day. Then after 8 weeks the patients were assessed.

Again The Scientists Were Amazed…

Because these patients had healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels

So, You’re Probably Wondering
What Is This “Miracle†Anti-Oxidant?

It’s Called Seanol.

Seanol is extracted from marine algae found living in the deep waters of the South Korean Sea.

As you may know, marine species are the longest-living of any species known to man. They live hundreds, even thousands of years.

There’s 2 Reasons Why:

  1. They contain highly potent substances.
  2. This algae possess unique molecular structures.

Researchers have discovered these unique molecular structures help give them a unique ability to protectand actually repair their own DNA.

Researchers also found they maintain high antioxidant levels throughout their lives so they constantly beat back free-radical damage and toxic invaders.

This Is Their Secret To Near Eternal Youth.

“Antioxidant Molecule”

This makes Seanol that comes from this marine algae a powerful antioxidant.

So when YOU take Seanol, your body gets a rush of nutrients that are shown to fight and repair damage done to arterial cells.

In Fact, Seanol Is 2 Times
Stronger Than Green Tea…


and a whopping FOUR TIMES MORE POWERFUL than the widely known antioxidant, Resveratrol.

This means when you’re taking Seanol, your arteries and heart get the repair and protection that other antioxidants simply can’t offer.

With So Many External Forces Threatening Your Heart, You Need Your Own Army Of Antioxidants And Nutrients To Protect Your Cells.

Silent Threat #1:

Cells That Are Poisoned By Radicals & Toxins

Every day your heart – and the cells in your arteries – are under attack from free radicals and toxins from well documented sources such as processed foods… high fat foods… pollution…

PLUS the increasing use of pesticides, hormones and genetic modifications found in the ‘healthiest’, “organic’ food sources.

This causes the DNA inside cells to break down and lose their ability to make sharp “carbon copies.”

In a sense, our cells are slowly being compromised, accelerating the aging of our circulatory system.

But thankfully, Seanol seeks out, arrests and neutralizes free radicals.

When the body has fewer free radicals, here\’s what can happen: Youthful energy, restored. Heart and body, returning to optimal performance. Reducing free radicals can boost health and improve quality of life..

Now let’s talk about…

Silent Threat #2:

Nutritionally-Starved Cells

Nutritionally-Starved Cells

ust like your body needs food to survive, your heart cells need nutrition to live. So when cells are not getting nutrients like life- giving nutrients, they are literally starving to death!

They slowly shrink and then may die off.

But with Seanol…

…suddenly cells that were once starved and dying may be reborn and rejuvenated.

They Sparkle To Life Again!

In fact, when Seanol comes from this algae it can be up to 10 times more powerful than any land-based antioxidant.

Seanol stays in your body for 12 Hours* – that’s all day. Compare that to the famed Land Based Antioxidant Resveratrol. Resveratrol only stays in your body for only 14 minutes.

*hydrophobic content in SEANOL allows the polyphenols to remain in the mammalian metabolism up to 12 hours

That Means Seanol Has 51 Times Its Staying Power!

That’s Simply

Plus… Seanol Is Perfectly Safe To Take.

Patients have taken tens of thousands of doses, with no serious adverse conditions. And scientists have extensively researched Seanol.

It means you can safely promote healthy blood flow throughout the body, healthy blood pressure, and protection from free radicals and oxidation.

Imagine enjoying long walks with your spouse…playing 18 holes of golf… or a 2 hour tennis match…or intense bouts of love making…or simply playing with your grandchildren…

If you feel like you’re aging faster than you’d like… or yearn for a boost of energy… or want to fortify your heart cells…

You Now Have A Safe* Proven Ingredient.

But there’s more important news about Seanol you need to know…

Over 15 years of research and nearly $39 million worth of clinical studies back it up.

Taking it 2 times a day means you get 24-hour protection against the main causes of accelerated aging that can affect heart health.

By taking Seanol, you can ‘declare war’ on blood pressure and cholesterol and commit yourself to living a better life..

But we didn’t just stop our research with Seanol…

We Wanted To Find
The Perfect Omega-3
On The Planet…

which lead us to:

The Deep Sea Omega-3 That Has 500% More Heart Supporting DHA Than Fish Oil – Without The Smelly Fish Burps

You’ve probably heard before how people life long and healthy lives in Okinawa, Japan.

In fact, they’ve had over 49 centenarians per 100,000 people that’s more than triple here in the US.

Even more amazing, these centenarians continue to stay healthy and active – after 100 years of age!

Heart and other health problems are rare among Okinawans, even though they have similar cholesterol levels as we do.

And scientists attribute Okinawans’ good health to Omega-3 they get from their seafood diet.

As you may know, Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients for your body. They are the building blocks of virtually every tissue and cell in your body.

For years, scientists thought fish oil was reach in 2 different kinds of Omega-3 called EPA and DHA

However, they have now found that fish don’t actually produce DHA. Instead, they get their DHA from eating algae, or eating other fish that eat algae. So they are rich in EPA, but have very little DHA in their bodies.

Why Is This Important?

Because latest research shows that DHA (not EPA) is the real Omega-3 workhorse! According to at least 25 clinical studies…

DHA Is More Effective Than EPA At Supporting Healthy Blood Pressure

DHA Is More Effective Than EPA At Improving Circulation

And The Higher The Level Of DHA, The Fewer Heart Concerns

In addition, research shows DHA also improves nutrient rich blood circulation

Not Only That, As An Extra Bonus, Research Shows…

  • DHA comprises 95% of the Omega-3 fatty acids in the brain and eyes.
  • DHA does what EPA cannot do—it feeds your brain, boosts mental function, and helps halt age-related mental decline.
  • DHA acts like a protective shield to protect your eyes and preserve sharp vision.

But Unfortunately, Fish Oil Is
Rich In EPA – Not In DHA.

That’s probably one of the reasons why – despite taking “fish oil supplements – many people still run out of breath with only little physical activity. And it’s also probably why they’re unable to support healthy blood pressure.

But if these referenced ‘fish oil supplements’ don‘t have enough of the beneficial DHA that your body needs to support healthy blood pressure, then what does?

Super Ingredient #2 Calamarineâ„¢:

Scientists have discovered a new source of Omega-3 to protect your heart and support healthy blood pressure.

It’s called Calamarine.

Calamarine is an Omega-3 oil extracted from wild, deep-sea squid. Most people have never heard of Calamarine. So let me tell you about what makes it so amazing:

  • First, calamarine doesn’t give you nasty, smelly and embarrassing fish burpsâ€. Why? Because calamarine is a squid. It’s NOT a fish.
  • Second, calamarine provides the perfect 2:1 ratio of DHA:EPA – the same ratio found in heart healthy people.

  • Third, calamarine is free of harmful metals or other toxins. That’s because it’s made from wild, deep-sea squid that live in the pure, clean waters off South America.

  • Fourth, calamarine is produced in a state-of-the-art facility in Norway to ensure purity and freshness.

  • Finally, calamarine has 5 times more heart supporting DHA than fish oil.

But Most Important Of All… 

Calamarine Is The Most Stable, Sustainable
Source Of Omega-3 Oil On Earth.

It is TWICE as stable as popular Omega-3 from tuna.

It has even won the coveted Friends of the Sea Certification!

This all means Calamarine does NOT go rancid easily like fish oil.

So it’s safer and healthier to take Calamarine than fish oil.

So What Does All This Mean
For Your Blood Pressure?

When you take Calamarine…

You’ll flood your heart with nutrient rich, life giving Omega-3.
You’ll get all the heart and blood pressure benefits of the Okinawan diet – but without having to shovel down your mouth pounds of fresh fish.
You’ll get all around heart health protection when you’re potting about in the garden or playing with your grandkids.
Your heart will be able to keep beating steadily and strong
You’ll enjoy balanced systolic and diastolic blood pressure
and shortness of breath may become a distant memory

For The 1st Time Ever, These 2 MARINE MIRACLE NUTRIENTS Have Been Combined For YOU!

It’s Never Been Done Before, But We’re Bringing You
The First Formula That Combines Seanol And Calamarine
So Your Arteries Are Healthy And Flexible.

It’s Called…

Why D3?

Because It Also Includes A Superior Form Of Vitamin D3…

To Give Your Heart and Blood Pressure MORE Intense Rejuvenation & Repairing POWER!

Research shows that this essential ‘sunshine’ vitamin plays a key role in maintaining health in nearly every major system in the body…especially your heart.

In fact, one long-term study conducted at John Hopkins showed people with adequate vitamin D had an 80% greater chance of having problems with arteries.

80%! That’s an overwhelming majority.

The Bad News…

A whopping 75% of Americans simply don’t get enough don’t get enough Vitamin D!

But with Marine-D3, you now have a rare and new combination designed to give your heart key nutrients that support healthy blood pressure… blood flow and help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

It’s a breakthrough that can shield and protect your heart 3 ways…

… By relaxing arteries

… By allowing them to enlarge naturally

… By helping blood pump through your system with ease

Marine-D3’s Rejuvenating Power Comes From Joining Three Powerhouses!

Each of these nutrients is tremendously effective on their own.

But when combined for the first time ever in Marine- D3, the synergy of all three delivers unprecedented benefits to your heart, blood pressure and cholesterol

This Is Why I Urge You To Consider Getting Your Supply Of Marine-D3

Right now, your heart is pumping strong… your blood is flowing freely, carrying revitalizing nutrients to every part of your body. You feel alive and fully charged! This is how a healthy heart behaves.

But don’t wait so long that you turn into a fading memory, a mere statistic…

The Good News…

There’s hope! Because we searched the globe to find the leading experts in integrative medicine and heart health to formulate Marine D3.

In a moment, you can take advantage of this super supplement that can give you immediate results and most importantly..

Not Only World Class Athletes, Professionals, Boomers, and Seniors Happily Using And Spreading the Word About Marine-D3, but Celebrity Doctors & Researchers are now talking about the key ways to age gracefully…

Happy Marine-D3 User!

So, There You Have It..

Together, they’ll support a steady and strong-beating heart. Marine D3 delivers all around protection even if you have a family history of heart trouble. Plus, it supports healthy blood pressure and cholesterol.

All In Only Two Handy Caplets Per Day.

Of course, if you tried to get your hands on all the ingredients in a single capsule of Marine-D3 separately, you’d pay well over $140.00.

But since you’ve made the cut into our special VIP Group you get a big discount…

The Regular Price For Marine-D3 Is:

$140 A Bottle

Which is a complete Bargain If you take into consideration:

We ONLY use the most advanced ingredients and cutting edge formulations found anywhere on the globe.

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That’s More That 1â„2 OFF…
A Savings Of Over $90.00 Per Bottle

Why Would I Approve Such A Drastic Price Break?

The answer is actually simple. In our pursuit to push the boundaries of our research, we need people to share their results with us. Specifically the ever-increasing benefits that begin to start when you’ve been taking Marine-D3 for 30 Days or MORE…

To that end I’ve instructed the lab to set aside an entire supply of Marine-D3 So that YOU can share with us YOUR success stories, and my team of scientists will have a growing body of evidence to show the long-term properties of this amazing product!

For only 67 cents per dose – or a $1.34 per day - way less than the cost of a coffee at Starbucks – your heart may be renewed, revitalized and regenerated! Plus you’ll be supporting blood pressure – naturally.

Are You Ready To Experience
The Power Of Marine-D3?

Good. But I’m Going to make you a deal you can’s pass up.

You don’t even have to make that decision now. In fact…

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I have a hunch that these ingredients combined might be one thing that you’re missing right now…

… even if you’re taking other supplements … EVEN if you have a great diet.

… and even if you have an exercise program already in place!

But you won’t KNOW until you TRY it.

Let’s Recap…


Seanol Floods your body and heart with up to 10 TIMES more Antioxidant Power than most other popular antioxidants!


Marine D3 also includes Calamarine. a new potent source of omega 3.

Calamarine has 500% more heart supporting DHA than fish oil … and it doesn’t cause nasty, smelly fish burpsâ€.

Calamarine provides the perfect 2:1 ratio of DHA: EPA – the same ratio found in heart healthy people.

What’s more, every batch of Calamarine that goes into Marine-D3 undergoes a proprietary detoxification process, which removes all substances that could possibly increase oxidation.

In fact, Calamarine is twice as stable as popular omega-3s from tuna!


Marine D3 contains Vitamin D that helps to circulate nutrient life giving blood from your heart to the rest of the organs of you body.

Plus, I’m going to let you TRY Marine-D3 for TWO FULL MONTHS, and if for ANY Reason you’re not fully delighted with the results…

Simply return the unused portion – and I’ll


The ingredients contained in Marine-D3’s proprietary blend literally flood the cells of your arteries with a Tsunami of Life Giving Nutrients that helps support healthy bloodpressure.

Marine-D3 Is Completely Different Than TheLow Quality Supplements That You See Filling The Shelves Of Your Local Supermarket

Those Big companies get HUGE price breaks to crank out millions of bottles of Low-Quality supplements, pills and potions.

Which is the exact opposite of what we do here at Marine Essentials. We use the most cutting edge research and then circle the globe to find the very best ingredients in the most pure formulations.

But That Literally Limits the Supply Of This Amazing Supplement Each Month, Because Seanol Comes From Korea and Calamarine from Norway…

And I’m about to reveal to you how you can get your own personal supply of Marine-D3 as a member of our VIP Test Group. You’re about to get an opportunity to try The Rolls- Royce® of Longevity Supplements…

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