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Chelatone™ Cleansing Formula

Chelatone™ - Designed for natural detox and heavy metal phyto-chelation.

Ingredients: Triphala; proprietary blend of apple pectin (fruit), odmum sanctum (leaf), dulse (seaweed), rice bran (rice grain), yellow dock (root), amla berry (fruit), cilantro (leaf), alfalfa (leaf), garlic (clove), ginger (root), shilajit (gum), ashwagandha (root), bacopa monnieri (leaf), red clover (flower), milk thistle (seed), terminalia arjuna (bark), turmeric (rhizome), bugleweed (leaf and flower) and green tea (leaf).

Packaging/Size: 90 Tablets

As we are all aware, there is today a concern about heavy metal pollution in our air and environment. We know that the background radiation is increasing recently due to nuclear accidents and that this background radiation has been increasing for years if not decades.

Chelatone™ has been developed as natural, herbal solution for daily chelation of heavy metal toxins and also free-radical scavenging of toxins and for general detox purposes.

Many of the herbs, as found in Chelatone™ formulation, are known to have good chelation or free-radical scavenging activity for detox purposes.

Because detox of heavy metals can sometimes lead to removal of beneficial mineral compounds as well as those that may be toxic, we have included re-mineralization herbs that help to prevent beneficial mineral loss.

The idea behind the availability of Chelatone™ products is to offer a practical solution of daily detox including heavy metal detox so that the consumer can have a daily supplement to take and then, not worry about some of the long-term personal health issues as related to the problem of toxicity due to daily exposure to our increased background radiation levels. This solution works best when the Chelatone™ supplement is taken daily as recommended. It is the daily supplementation of Chelatone that helps to insure the removal and accumulation of toxins such as heavy metals.

We highly recommend the use of the Chelatone-Zeo™ product to be taken simultaneously with the regular Chelatone™ product especially for the first ninety days when beginning the program of daily supplementation with Chelatone for daily detox purposes. For best results these two products, Chelatone™ and Chelatone-Zeo™ should be taken together for the first ninety days of the daily detox program. After ninety days, the regular Chelatone™ product can be taken daily.


Cleansing Formula
Designed for Natural Detox and Heavy Metal Phyto-Chelation.
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